16 September 2007


Today was a great day, Doug had his recommend interview with the bishop this morning, and I had mine last week, so things are all in motion, just need the Stake Presidents signatures and we are well on our way for the 29th!

We came home and watched a couple of movies and cuddled on the couch and opened our presents to one another... he got me a ZUNE (Microsofts IPOD) and I LOVE it! It is really awesome. Then we went to eat dinner at the elephant bar, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Oh my goodness! This lady at dinner tonight behind me so Doug had to point it out, but she took her fork, stuck it down her shirt and was using it to scratch her back! That about did me in, I'll have to take my own silverware to eat with now. But it's bed time, life is great until Douglas leaves again in the morning :(

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    ♥ Blessings are every where in our lives every day there are little things that mean a lot and sometimes we don't even notice them until we look back on the day. Memories and stories, arguments and tears - all bring blessings into our lives in one way or another. I do this blog so I can remember those moments and find the blessings that were once hidden in a normal sometime meaningless gesture ♥

    if we pay close attention we will come to realize that no day is the same as another as every morning brings with it a hidden blessing - a sweet morsel to cherish