15 September 2007

another day gone by

I absolutely love this picture. Today has been a good day, I wish I had gone to the beach though, it would have been better. But I went on a shopping spree instead... spent a whole lotta green and bought some new clothes, shoes, jewelry... etc. I came home and cleaned! YAY for cleaning! I didn't get as much done as I wanted to but my house smells nice and fresh and lemony. Tomorrow is Douglas' and my one year anniversary since that great day when we were married! I cannot believe it has been one year. No children yet, and hopefully not for a little while. We are being sealed on the 29th of September! I am very excited. Dougs family will be here, don't know where they will stay or what all is going to go down, but it'll be good. My favorite family from Castle Rock, CO will be coming down as well as my MOM! I love my mother and I am very glad that she will be here for this. It'll be 3 years since we went through the temple together. I have counted and I own 59 books that I have not yet read... someone needs to ban me from buying books until I have read all the ones that I have. I haven't gotten to doing much with my reading blog, but hopefully on Monday I will be able to get back to that. So be looking for it!

1 comment:

Julia (AKA: Jewels) said...

Happy Anniversary Amber! I wish I could be there with you on the 29th. I love you sis. Take care. See you again someday.

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