16 October 2008

Silly Little Things

Hubs makes me laugh. Here are a couple examples of why:

1. I have chap stick in our 72 hour kits and he stole his book bag to use when he travels by motorcycle, so I replaced it with another one and the other day he says, "Babe, remind me I need to put the lip gloss in the other backpack." I was like lip gloss? Are you sure you have lip gloss? He got all serious, "You know what I mean the stuff men wear on their lips." "Well I know some men that wear lip gloss, it's okay if you do don't be ashamed", I said. He didn't say anything but every now and then I'll need some chap stick and I'll ask if he has hip lip gloss handy for me to use. It cracks me up every time.

construction worker + lip gloss = hilarity

2. On the way home from the 49ers vs. Eagles game after we had dropped Matt off we were riding in silence, you have to understand that this happens a lot. My husband isn't the biggest talker I know. So I'm looking out the window just thinking, my actual thought was, *I wonder how people ate leftovers before microwaves, how did they heat it up?* This thought was interrupted by my husband singing, "Boop Boopy Do" as soon as I looked at him and started laughing he stopped so we never got the last "boop" outta him, but it was humorous.

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