02 November 2008

Fast Sabbath

I usually don't enjoy Fast Sundays as much as I do the rest of the Sundays of the month. But being in my new ward it's different. I enjoy it a lot actually. The testimonies are, believe it or not, actually testimonies. I took a copious amount of notes as I have been doing lately and it was a great morning. I think my favorite part of Fast Sunday in this ward is the teacher in Relief Society. She is amazing. I learn more from her then I do in a whole month of lessons. Her points of view are exceptional.

I love living close enough that we leave the car parked all day and we walk to church it is nice and makes the day go by better.

When we got home we watched a movie and then lazed around playing two of my new "obsessions" (term used extremely loosely, as nothing can take the place of my movie/tv series/reality tv obsessions) which are Little Big Planet and Buzz!.

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