10 November 2008

Hot Drink Cool Mornings

I love how on my drive into work every morning at a certain spot I drive around the bend and there it is, the amazing pinkish orange sun rising. It is amazingly beautiful. I love how when I get to work there are an assortment of warm drinks to get and keep me going. Dark Hot Cocoa, Milk Hot Cocoa, and teas of all sorts (peppermint, chamomille, orange, apple cinnamon, lemon, ginger twist) the Ginger Twist is my absolute favorite, I wish it came in it's own box... Lipton are you listening?

Today was a slow yet busy day? If that makes any sense. I worked it was nice a little hectic but not too hectic to drive you out of your mind. I left early to get my hair done, I like it, it's only a half shade darker than before but it's nice. (I'll post a picture when it's actually done the way I like to do it). It only took 2 hours to do... {I really think it's time for me to buy a new keyboard, or maybe this one just need batteries} Then I picked up Snow White from work and we went to Wal-Mart where I could price some contacts and buy my hubby *so the cat doesn't kill me* pills with FSA that I really need to spend before year end. We went and got Mini Meals and I went home.

I was so stressed about coming home *gah* my cousin is staying with us for the next few days and I love having him, but I needed to blow up the air mattress, vacuum, dishes, clean his bathroom, take out the trash (how can two people accumulate so much trash anyway?), etc.

*Sweet Morsel* I came home to the bed blown up and taken upstairs and the dishes done. And hubs having a great willingness to help me even though he had a long day as well.

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Jess said...

Cute blog! Thanks for letting me know about the switch :)

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