07 November 2008

Just Another Manic - Friday

When I got home today I got the strongest urge to "re-arrange" my house. See this wouldn't be a problem if I had the properly shaped rooms to do this in. As it is my furniture can really only sit one way thus defeating the purpose of a rearrangement. But I'm still going to try tomorrow.

One day I'll be like my parents and be able to have furniture that actually matches and doesn't look like I live in a DI... Oh how I want to decorate and live someplace with rich browns, greens, and blues...

But for tonight it's going to be me stuck to my wonderful, supersize, look like your looking out your window TV.. and for hubs he's still attached to his computer.

(PS - Comcast email is going to drive me out of my mind) I hope the lady can fix it.

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