08 November 2008


I finally did it. It wasn't much but I rearranged my two living rooms and now I'm a much happier person, with a less cluttered feel. I swapped the position of the couch and recliner, moved a end table to another room, donated the fake 8' ficus (spider homes and dust collector) to a neighbor who wanted it, moved the piano and cello, swept, dishes, vacuumed, and watched lots of DVRed shows while doing it. It felt great.

(Now I just need to rearrange my life and my habits to feel uncluttered and alive. I'll go into details maybe later)

Hubs came home and didn't know if he should finish walking in or not, but he seems to like it better as well. Then we ate dinner (Pizza, pepperoni plain. Do you know how long it has been since we last had a normal pepperoni pizza?) and watched a show for 6 hours that I can't tell you what show as hubs might kill me, but it was nice. I love spending time with him in a clean home.

Sweet Morsel: Hubs went into work a few hours late so we could cuddle in the morning - this never happens. It was nice.

♥ Amber ♥

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