24 November 2008

Little Here Little There

I was doing so well at updating and well.... life took control for a while, what can you do? I'm now sitting at my parents in Nowhere, Nevada enjoying the sound of the stove heating the room and seeing the spectacular view of the mountains from the large windows on the back of the house. Minnie is curled up next to me finally glad to have some quiet without Boog & Bud running around rough housing and being loud. It's so cold here - well compared to where I live in the West Coast Sunshine state, it is. In a couple of hours Boog will drive herself home from school and then we'll go pick Bud up and go to town.

I went and saw Twilight on Saturday, after reading the book straight from 1pm - 11pm (still need to finish a little less than a quarter) I'm in love. I've officially become a "TWERD". I'm in love with the book *I can't wait until I can start reading it again*! I enjoyed the movie *I want to own it*. If you knew me about a year and a half ago when Twilight started becoming big, I refused to read it. I didn't want any part in the Twilight saga, nope not me - I thought people were crazy and obsessed *don't get me wrong they still are* but I'm part of it. I'm coming out of my Twilight closet.

So today in town I will be picking up the next book in the series, ingrediants for my cheesecake, and whatever the siblings want. *Maybe not whatever they want*

Until next time (hopefully just tomorrow) I'll be enjoying a cup of steaming herbal tea.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

Hey! I finally fixed my blog addresses and updated yours. I love your site, it's very cute! I couldn't get "the silly barbers" to connect. is that site still up? I look forward to keeping up with you!
Love ya,

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