30 December 2008

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas it was this year - it included lots of driving and the making of many memories with family. I apologize that it has taken me this long to update about our Christmas travels as work tends to be a little overwhelming when no one has been in the office for a week, so here is my simple video/picture/story post!

We opened our Christmas at midnight on the morning of Christmas Eve as we didn't want to take our presents across the country with us, so there are no pictures of this wonderful event as first of all it was midnight and who looks decent enough for pictures at midnight? and my camera battery was D.E.A.D. It was a great simple Christmas for us I got a new iPod and a new stereo for the car to go with it so I don't have to fight the FM transmitter here in Cali as there are no empty stations to use. I also ended up with a new DS game and humongo body pillow! I bought Hubs his Terrabyte external hard drive, a PC game, and some socks. Considering we bought our main Christmas in November it was nice. *Although next year I hope we have a tree, it doesn't feel like Christmas without it!* After a few hours of sleep we packed the car and headed out on our journey - it was once again required over the Sierra-Nevadas to have chains. Which turned into it's own long drawn out lostachainloudnoisealmostbrokethecartypeofstoryidon'twanttogointo.

The roads weren't that bad but it was beautiful - and our jail'cat' in the back seat didn't seem to mind the slow loud pace as well.

We arrived in Elko at my parents house just in time for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner and to see the siblings open their traditional Christmas pajamas.

We stayed until Christmas morning for more present openings (Thanks mom for the great kitchen items, and Douglas LOVES his new book) and the wonderful Christmas breakfast!

The Parents

The Siblings
The Husband
The Videos

After breakfast and a few minutes of visiting we headed out to Utah to Douglas' family in the snow, this was what our drive looked like from Elko to Salt Lake.
We had a wonderful visit with Momma Jo, Grandma Curtis, and many more relatives that I enjoyed very much. I wish we could visit more often! All in all it was a wonderful Christmas but I think we will be staying home next year *just so I can have a tree!*


Jenkinson Family said...

okay, so when did your parents move? Cute blog.

The Barbers said...

My parents moved the same week I came home from my mission, so the summer of 2006. Thanks! I'm learning how to make and design them myself.

Dixie and Drew said...

You guys went every where for Christmas. I am glad you got to see your family!

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