02 January 2009

Real Simple

Every now and then I will pick up a magazine from the checkout lane and throw it in my cart only to glance at it for a few seconds just to toss it in the recycle bin later. But two days ago the magazine I picked up will change my life forever, and what a wonderful time to come across this at the beginning of the new year. Real Simple - Life Made Easier . Just as an example here are a few of my favorite article titles from the January 2009 issue that I picked up:

  • 28 Uses for Everyday Items: Did you know that you can use a sticky note to clean out your keyboard? Or that if you put clear nail polish on the bottom ring of your shaving cream can it won't leave a rust ring on your tub? How about if you place a toothpick between the button and fabric when your sewing it on so it doesn't go on too tightly and end up tough to fasten?
  • A whole section of different types of lists you can purchase such as this one for becoming a better, simpler, less stressed you.
  • Their website offers this handy tool for all the list lovers out there such as I am.
  • 20 Tips to make your wardrobe last.
  • 7 ways to return anything.
  • 18 Easy upgrades for your favorite convenience foods.
  • 15 ways to get more fit - and this neat site I'm going to start using.
  • Lists of legends has to be one of my favorite sections it's titled as: *Even brilliant classical composers and bloodthirsty barbarians need to get stuff done: Mend a shirt, make a sandwhich. Read the (imagined) To-Do lists of six iconic figures and forget, for a little while, about your own.*
J.K. Rowling
  1. Stare expectantly at fireplace.
  2. Give up; Light fire.
  3. Recite mantra: No more magic.
  4. Sit down to work. Open folder: "Larry Potter and the List of Decidedly Non-Magical Book Ideas."
  5. Break for lunch. Stare expectantly at package of sandwich bread.
  6. Give up; make sandwich.
  7. Decide which Harry Potter character should come out of the closet next.
  8. Do dishes.
  9. Roll in money.
Please try to tell me that that did not just make you laugh or even chuckle a little.

I just subscribed and can't wait for my next issue!


Kellie said...

I'm all for anything that will make life more simple. I can't wait to check out the links from your post when I have more time. Did Natalie ever add you to her list? I did send her the email, so let me know if she didn't and I'll bug her for ya!

As for your question about my fitness strategy: I just do the home DVD workouts. I have the FIRM step that I LOVE, Jillian Michaels DVDs from the Biggest Loser which are really good and a Jackie Warner workout DVD that is also one of my favorites. I try to do it at least 3 times a week and sometimes 4 times, just depends. It's my release and "my time" that I just really love! I hope the info helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy New Year!!!

Dixie and Drew said...

Real Simple is my favorite mag. It is the only one I subscrbe to. It has a lot of neat ideas.

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