30 August 2009

Before and After, Then and now

So over at iHeartFaces this week it is the before and after theme, meaning post a picture of when you first started editing/photography and then one of your most recent edits/shoots, which I have taken literally so I have posted a before and after when I started and a before and after now, since I have kinda started backwards in this whole photography world of editing first and then learning photography later... when I'm in school and when I have a decent camera other than a point and click. So I choose the photo of my nephew from April 2007 which I was so proud of and then a photo from last weekend, which is so much better. It’s amazing that with a little practice and patience how much you can grown in a short {2 years} time frame. So introducing:


Then Collage

Knowing what I know now, this picture was almost perfect in it's orginial state and just needed a little cleaning, not a complete overhaul - along with the non-knowledge of curves and trying to make everything look perfect I have learned to try and leave stuff more au natural...


Now Collage

I still feel I am pulling too much contrast in so I'm trying to learn still the balance of just right and a little over done, but hey, I'm learning right? :) Any hints, suggestions, or ideas? On how to bring in some color and contrast but not so it looks so processed?

I wish I could get LiveWriter to post the pictures to my blog in a better quality then it does, anyone have any tips? So I half use flickr and half live writer which makes it a bit difficult sometimes... oh well.


McFadden Family said...

Are you using Windows Live Photo Gallery? I use it to do basic edits to my photos and the quality is always good when uploaded with Live Writer. You definitely have made very good progress. :0)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Good improvement! These are great pics! :D

Becca said...

I definitely love your after picture better :-) but they are both cute! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are doing a great job! I LOVE your blog header! And I love snow cones : ) So fun! I don't know if I have ever met you before. Nice to meet you! I love meeting new I heart faces members : )

Alice said...

big difference with that second photo - i love the colors, the brightness, the crispness. good job with post editing just the right amount!

i have my photos posted also. feel free to come over and visit anytime :O).

Shannon said...

i absolutely LOVE the colors in the now processed shot! I don't know that I'd change a thing... but, I'm just an amateur, so don't go solely by what I say!

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