01 September 2009

Sick Days Are Boring

There is nothing I dislike more than not feeling well and not going into work. I get so bored. There is only so much TV/Movies/Internet you can handle. There is only so much blog redesigning and photo editing you can do. I woke up this morning with a fever of 101 and my throat was sore so I let boss man know I wasn’t going to be in and then tried to go back to bed but for some reason picked up ‘Eclipse’ and didn’t put it down for three hours (that was at 6am) I slept for a couple hours and then woke up and still haven’t eaten anything except water and Dayquill if that counts for anything… So I opened my RSS feeds that I am a little behind on, and well it’s not good for me to behind on them because it will take me forever – but anyway, I digress. So I came across this post and decided a few things are going to change around my house. I want the house that feels like this, reflects love, and is full of light. So here are a few before and after projects that I am going to do, it might take a while but I’m going to do it, and I’m going to be happy with it, so introducing my help my house to not feel like a mis matched bachelor pad series. Each month I’ll take a room and do a simple cheap before/after post on it once a week. This months room is the living room {I’ll post before pictures tomorrow, or whenever I feel better}. It’s filled with cheap black Wal-Mart Furniture, Brown 70’s style tables, A horribly faded and stained leftover sofa light green, a dark green puffy recliner {hubs favorite place}, My TV that sits on an old black flimsy microwave stand, and a square blocked rug with an ornate gold curtain rod and curtains. I’m sure the pictures will help you understand better. But this is what I have in mind for this room:


White Sheer Flowy Curtains {I have white wood blinds up already}
Some type of Silver or Black Ornate Rod {can’t decide}
Paint the Dark Furniture White {except for the book cases}
Find a corner TV unit in white that I like
Find or Make Slip Covers for both pieces of furniture and get some throw pillows
Hang Artwork on wall

I’m excited to get started and to show you the before and afters, as a matter of fact I just ordered some drapes on line for 70% off! Until tomorrow have a fantastical evening and help me decide do I do gray walls or a light bright happy green?

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