03 September 2009

The Start Of A New Season

Welcome Fall! Granted it is still 100+ degrees outside but it’s September and it’s time to get ready for my favorite things about the fall: Changing leaves on trees, Warm drinks in the morning, Cute fuzzy socks, Candles at night, Smell of crispness and coolness in the air, and the Warm rich colors of fall!

I have been reading The Nester for the past little while and last week she has totally inspired me to get off my hiney and make my house a home, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” If you get the time you should go check out her site it’s FAN-TAB-ULOUS-TIC!

Anyway, here is the first improvement for the month for my house:
002 F
Welcome to my house! Not a great first impression huh? I mean you have the really thin ivy, black drain tubes and sprinklers, and well the phone book that we have obviously been too lazy to take to the trash can (that will serve as my reminder that I have announced to the whole world that I leave a phonebook on my patio for well, I will leave out the specific time frame, but if you ever need a number you know where to come!). This weekend I will be planting some Hyacinth and Tulips so they can bloom in the spring, and if you look closely in the bottom right hand corner you can see some Bearded Irises growing, these were given to me and left in my car for a little over a week I can’t believe they are actually growing! (This post is making me sound like a horrible procrastinator, trust me I’m really not, at least I don’t think that I am). So anyway, while in Joanne Fabric Store yesterday I found the best thing to lighten up my front door ‘space’ for now! I’m so excited, it looks more like a home already:

Welcome Autumn, and Welcome to Our Home

Won’t my husband be super weirded-out excited when he comes home tonight?!? I also found a nifty box to hold my sheet music for the Cello and Piano as well as a wall-hanging I am so excited to do, and not to mention the color I’m going to paint the walls (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not green or gray)! Are you as excited as I am?! Well, if not you should be! So welcome to our house that will soon be a home.


Kestrel said...

Oh goodness I love home improvement posts! I really like the colors of your outside, esp the green trim - I think it looks nice! What is that funky straw looking thing though? That is just weirding me out because I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is there.

Oh I hope you will post more home pictures! I just love them!!!

Kestrel said...

Oh I thought you guys had bought a house for some reason, my bad! But I still like the color. At least it's not some hideously scary combination like a black house with red trim (my grandma lived near a house like that, we called it the Satanic house)!

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