07 November 2009

Failing, Again

It’s 8pm on the 7th, I haven’t posted in two days – I suppose maybe it’s not meant for me to do NaBloPoMo, again this year. Sorry to let ya’ll down…. In other news today we got another fish – a Zebra Danio, Zippy. He seems to be enjoying his time with Xavier (our Betta). Minnie (the spoiled cat) enjoys staring at them. If you’re asking yourself if I’m seriously blogging about our fish – the answer is yes, yes I am. Zippy moves so fast I think I should have an epilepsy warning on my door before you come into my home. Mr. B just left for his Mt. Dew refill, as he has been off  this week he’s gone through his weekly allowance of cans (I have to limit them or we would be spending a butt-load of money on corn syrup with lemon-lime flavoring), and I decided I should write something, so this is my pointless meaningless something.

Tomorrow, Mr. B is going to be playing the Cello in church I’m excited for him, he really loves playing and I think he should do it more. Speaking of Mr. B I really need to give him a hair’s’cut – it’s starting to look like a mullet with all the ‘back of the neck’ hair growing out. Yes, I married a Gorilla – and I love him.

So here I sit waiting for Mr. B to come back so we can watch Twilight! Yes you heard me right! He finally agreed to sit down and watch Twilight with me!!! I am so excited, does this mean he’s going to go see New Moon with me and my family in a couple of weeks?! 

FYI: I will be starting a weekly post which will take a year to complete titled: The 5000 Question Survey. I follow a fellow blogger (The Adventures of Holly) who is doing it and thought, hey what a great idea! So every Sunday I will be doing a survey post, so be ready to look forward to it!

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